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How to get your affiliate marketing career started!

I have to admit, I was the biggest skeptic there was when it came to making money on the internet.  "Yeah right!  Isn't it all a scam?" I thought.  Now that I'm actually making some money on the internet and doing it by staying at home I'm so excited to tell everyone about this type of "work at home" job!  I will honestly say, I'm not rich at all (not yet anyway ;) but everyday my income increases a little bit and I know that if I want to do it - I can!!

The first thing you need to do when you decide you'd like to start a website is to choose your topic.  Decide what type of product or service you'd like to market and then stick to it.  Once you've chosen your product, find out who offers the best affiliate program for it.  There are many affiliate programs out there so make sure you find the one that will earn you the best commissions and has a great reputation for paying out.  Our favorite place to go for affiliates is

Many people hear all of the hype and jump into it not really knowing the secrets to earning an actual income.  I mean, anyone can sign up for a free account with Google AdSense or Commission Junction, get the codes and paste them on a web page, but you really need to know how to make them earn you money!  You will  need to create some great content for your pages so that the search engines see you as a great site and not one that's considered a "link farm" - one full of thousands of links going in every direction.  But if you've chosen a topic that you know and love you should have no problem coming up with some great content. 

Now, that you've got your ideas all down on paper and you've chosen some great products to promote, you need to start with your actual site.  The first thing is to purchase web hosting.  Web hosting can also be a real chore to find too, but I'd like to share one more thing that I've found.  If affiliate marketing is the way you want to go and you want to build your own websites or purchase ones that are already made to earn money, you need to check out BlueHost for your hosting.  Affordable and very reliable hosting company, BlueHost is who we use for all of our websites!

So, get your content together, purchase your domain name and hosting, find some great products to promote, build your website with TONS of content and you've started!  Now, there's a lot more to learn to build an awesome affiliate income, but if you're determined to learn you can do this too!!

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