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You can use a pantry shelf or a bookcase with material by using velcro to attach it to the front of it to make a "neat" storage area.    
Put velcro on all your remotes and on the sides of the tv's.  This way they can easily be found!

Old dresser drawers or boxes put on wheels make for great storage underneath beds, sofa tables or in closets.

Have a bathroom vanity bench/chair?  Easily add a pocket to the side of it to store hair brushes, irons, lotions, etc.  Take a piece of material, hem up the edges and either velcro, stitch or glue on to the side of the bench.  You can also do this type of idea on any kind of bench or chair in any room.

Use closet organizers anywhere!  They're also not just for shoes and they're not just for a closet.  They can be used in every closet in every room or hung up behind a door.  A great spot is your back entrance for mittens, hats, shoes, balls, toys, etc.

Plastic containers are a great way to organize.  I put on in my sock/underwear drawer to separate everything.  It's a lot easier to find things this way.  They're also great for markers, crayons, legos, trucks, bills, receipts, pens, hair stuff, etc.

Save the tubs from diaper wipes.  They're another great storage item - great for crayons, art supplies or small toys.

I keep our dogs toys in a cute little basket.  That way they look nice when guests come over and they're easy to pick up and the dog can still get at them.

Lay a small bookcase or shelf on it's side at the foot of your bed.  This makes a great place to store blankets, pillows and other things neatly.  It also gives you extra closet or cabinet space!

Wrap up your old boxes with paper or material and stack and store them anywhere!  Get paper to match your room's decor and you're on the way.  Great to putting in bathrooms and offices.

Use peg racks.  They look neat in any room if they're painted to match.  Plus, they're great for car keys, necklaces and bracelets and small tools.

Keep one big box in your basement that you can always toss things in that you want to sell or donate.  This way there's always a place to put them right when you want to get rid of something.

Organize your earrings in a makeup sponge - this way they won't be all over your jewelry box.

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