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So it's a week night, everyone is home but each is doing their own thing.  It's time to get everyone together and do something as a family.  What should we do??? 

  1. Take a walk.  Let some ride their bikes or ride in the stroller.  Get active, it gets everyone moving and talking plus it's great exercise!  Don't forget to bring along the dog!
  2. Play a game.  Depending on the kids ages, everyone benefits from a good board game.  For older kids, pull out Monopoly or Checkers.  If your kids are younger a game of Memory is perfect.  If you don't have the game you can always draw pictures on index cards and make up your own game. 
  3. Go out for supper.  This not only gives mom a break, but it leaves a lot more time to talk about each others day.
  4. Write a book.  Yep, write one!  Pick a topic (such as your last family vacation) and then choose the writer.  Start writing it up however you want.  Once you've finished your story have someone type it up on the computer and then print it off.  Make sure you print enough copies for each person.  Punch holes in the corners and tie the book together.  Let each person design their own cover then put them in a special place.
  5. Make a photo album.  Go through all those pictures that are just laying around and get them into a book.  If you have older kids, let each one do a page of their own.  They can be as simple as sticking them in a book in order or glueing them into a fancy scrap book.

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